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What Is Bootyful® Dance Fitness?

Bootyful® Dance Fitness promotes physical activity and a positive attitude to body image by providing safe and effective exercise to music programme. We are passionate about empowering and inspiring women to use their hips and pelvis with confidence and achieve their fitness goals without fear of judgement.

Bootyful® Instructor Training

Discover how you can become a Bootyful® Dance Fitness trainer today.  Our newly developed program will allow you to share the popular fitness related Bootyful® system.

We Want You To Have Fun!

Unlock Your Booty.

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This Bootyful® fitness approach strengthens the gluteal region and the abdominal wall in particular, improves body control and rhythm, and boosts self-confidence.

Increases Gluteal Strength

Strengthens Abdominals

Improves Body Control

Boosts Self-Confidence

Glute Squeezes

Body Positions

Basic Dymanic Variations

Hip Rolls

Who is Bootiful® Dance Fitness For?

The programme is suitable for absolutely everyone!

If you want to strengthen the hip, thigh, glute and abdominal area, get rhythmic improvements and body control skills or you just want to feel sexy and have fun . .

 . .Then this is for you!

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The Bootyful® Concept

Bootyful® is a unique type of strength and mobilisation training for the pelvic area, incorporating rhythmic exercises, body isolation and polycentrism. The concept was inspired by pelvis movements used in African, Caribbean, Latin and Oriental dances.

A step by step approach is used when teaching Bootyful® moves with low to high skill level options provided.

This fitness approach strengthens the gluteal region, pelvic floor and the abdominal wall in particular, improves body control and rhythm, and boosts self-confidence.


“A brilliant teacher and always a brilliant class Thank you  . .My booty has never been this good.”

Jayne. L

“Ana’s classes are so much fun . .  I never thought I could ever look and feel this good.”

Julie. P

Just what I needed to get motivated again after a break from activity, it was a challenge but so worth it.”

Jade. K

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By taking part in the acredited training you now have the opportunity to become an instructor.

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Now you have found Bootyful®

You do not need much more. . .

You have found the class that will change the fun element in dance and fitness and both.

“Bootyful® is was exactly what I have looking for and I have noticed improvements in my strength and change in my body shape, especially in my waist and bum. This class is good for your legs and bum and it’s great fun!”

Sophie, 21


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