The programme is suitable for everyone! If you want to strengthen the area, get rhythmic improvements and body control skills or you just want to feel sexy and have fun!


— The Bootyful story:

Ana has been into the dance and fitness industry professionally for ten years now, always exploring and learning more and more. Among the great variety of dance styles she did, she discovered African dance seven years ago and fell in love. She did training in West African dance in Belgium and Senegal. As a passionate dance and fitness instructor, she was thinking about effectiveness of the moves and health benefits and not only artistic aspect of the dance. Sedentary life style effects posture and health in general, so the pelvic region too, witch is very important for women, and that was thought about creating fitness programme that strengthen muscles and increases blood flow in the pelvic area. Except general public, the programme provides conditioning for dancers to prevent any injuries, but also helps African dance, or African based dance teachers with the cueing in teaching.


Booty shakin' numbers


gluteus squeezes


body positions


basic dynamics variations


hip rolls