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Frequently Asked

Who are Bootyful® classes for?

Bootyful® Dance Fitness Classes are for anyone because they can be adapted for your current level of fitness, strength and flexibility.

Where can I find the Bootyful® classes?

If you get in touch with us using the contact page or click this link HERE we will be happy to share where your nearest class is.

Can I become a Bootyful® Dance Fitness Instructor?

The answer is yes if you are already an instructor. You can take the training course and we will educate you in all aspects of the Bootyful® concept.

Are Bootyful® Classes good for core strength?

Yes it is! This dance fitness approach not only strengthens the gluteal region but the abdominal wall in particular, it also improves body control and rhythm, and boosts self-confidence.

Want One To One Bootyful® Training

Check out the exclusive one to one Bootyful® experience?
Ideal if you need an extra support in your training?
Very limited slots available.

Online Coaching Resources

Want To Come To Class?

There are a number of classes available for anyone to attend. Come along. Hit the contact button below.

Become A Bootyful® Dance Fitness Instructor

By taking part in the acredited training you now have the opportunity to become an instructor.

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