Ana Mazuran

  • Dancer
  • Choreographer
  • Dance and Fitness instructor
  • Personal trainer
  • Bootyful creator and founder
  • Strength and conditioning for dancers and athletes

Ana has been academically trained in jazz technique, and participating in various dance styles workshops and seminars around the globe (Belgium, Senegal, New York, UK) which gave her exposure to a variety of different dance styles techniques and choreography approaches. On the other hand, in choreography she is finding her creative outlet. She sees it as a process of creating a completed piece of work, by combining knowledge, understanding of specific human movements and emotions. The complexity of dance discipline amaze her and she is very interested in learning more, and sharing her knowledge in order to support and promote quality and well-being in the dance industry.

— Strength and conditioning for dancers and athletes

During Dance and Fitness course at Buckinghamshire New University, through its programme and facilities, Ana gained a good understanding of sports science and dance theory. Various modules throughout the course provided theoretical overview of sport-specific tests, research methods, data analysis and interpretation. She used Human Performance Laboratory and its facilities to work with dancers, athletes and members of the public. Through her work as the Associate Lecturer in Dance, she provides strength and conditioning training to dance students by designing and delivering dance specific conditioning programmes, monitoring and mentoring.

— Dance and Fitness group exercise classes

Ana run dance classes and group exercises classes for the general public and specific target groups using a variety of resistance training methods, cardiovascular endurance, balance and flexibility.


Kind words from clients

  • Urszula, 45
    PT sessions with Ana have been a good blend of hard work and enjoyment. The sessions have been tailored to suit my style and to achieve remarkable results in pursuit of my fitness goals. Ana goes that one step further in providing support identifying areas that I can work on, such as posture, that I would never have thought about. I would highly recommend training with Ana.  (but wear headphones as she can be quite loud! :-).
    Urszula, 45
    Personal training
  • Janet, 57
    My husband recommended Ana after listening to Ana go through a PT session with another client, at times I wonder if he has increased my life insurance!! Joking aside, Ana has been great, her commitment to supporting me in regaining my fitness and strengthening my core muscles to help support a long term back issue have been amazing. Ana has been working in conjunction with my Chiropractor to ensure we are focusing on rehab exercises to target my weaker muscles. My back had got to the point where I could not walk 200 yards without pain, although improvement is slower than I might like, I appreciate it is improving. I am in a much better place than I was in October last year and my overall fitness has improved greatly, I have so much more energy and feel generally more positive. Sessions with Ana are tough but fun (lots of laughter) and rewarding, I have been really impressed with how Ana encourages and I find myself working harder without sometimes noticing she has increased the weights or reps until I have finished my set! Ana has a wealth of knowledge in all areas of fitness and from my experience I highly recommend Ana as a personal trainer.
    Janet, 57
    Personal training
  • David, 49
    Ana was just what i needed to get motivated again. Coming back to the gym after Christmas as i did a year ago is always difficult. You start with good intentions, but then then the motivation wavers. Having PT with Ana meant I had to be committed. She was very professional in her approach to my goals, looking at my diet as well as exercise. She pushed me hard when required, which i believe is what you need from a personal trainer. Even when the body is saying no more, she gets that little bit extra out of you, taking you nearer to your fitness goals. I would have no hesitation to recommending Ana as a Personal Trainer.
    David, 49
    Personal training
  • Valentina, 39
    Good music, wide range and variety of exercises, a great teacher and lots of fun: that’s how I would describe Ana’s classes. Since I started joining them regularly I’ve lost some weight and improved my body shape. I have safely and successfully pushed myself out of my comfort zone following Ana’s professional advice and encouraging suggestions, and I have increased my self-awareness, experimenting with movements I never tried before. I really feel healthier and fitter. But Ana’s classes are not only very good for the body: they’re a real injection of energy for the mind. Ana’s smile is contagious, and her enthusiasm inspiring. Nothing can put me in better mood after a hard working day!
    Valentina, 39
    Group classes
  • Reka, 33
    Ana is a lovely person with a positive and inspiring vibe. She tailors all her personal trainings to your specific, personal requirements. Every one of her sessions contains different exercises. She adapts her pace to your capabilities and level of endurance and she pushes you like crazy, all the way to your limits. My goal was to tone up with some yoga and strengthening when I started my PTs with her. In only 4 months with two classes/week (on top of my 40-minute, daily power walks) I did not only manage to tone up but improved my posture and increased the range of motion in my back. And the best part is that now I am loving my body as it looks like a temple, all thanks to Ana! Let Ana make you realize your potential too ;)
    Reka, 33
    Personal training
  • Krisztina, 42
    I find Ana’ classes very inspiring and enjoyable. Her exercises target different body parts and they keep my shape in tip top form. They helped me to gain self-confidence and I feel beautiful just the way I am.
    Krisztina, 42
    Group classes
  • Fabiana, 29
    Ana was my first Personal Trainer ever. Gym was never my passion but I really wanted to change my habits and start exercising. With Ana I’ve found that I can face my fears and get whatever I want. I’ve discovered that exercise can be fun and addicting. And I also discovered that I can do much more than I thought I could . All of this thanks to Ana. She has her special way to guide us on what we like the most in the exercise world and she molds herself on her practice to help us to achieve our goals. She has always a smile on and a positive mood that makes the difference! She wants us to achive our goals as much as we want. It’s clear that she works with passion and very professionally.
    Fabiana, 29
    Personal training
  • Helen, 26
    Ana’s group exercise classes are always fun, energetic and make you feel great. Ana is a passionate and motivating instructor and I would recommend her classes to anybody.
    Helen, 26
    Group classes
  • Jhon, 28
    You really feel like you’ve worked hard when you finish one of Ana’s classes. The atmosphere is fun and the exercises are different every time.
    Jhon, 28
    Group classes