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I have been attending Bootyful® classes for a while now and I am enjoying it so much.

I love the music and movements and I am having a great fun! I liked the fact that the class is a mixture of cardio, dance and strength exercises and I wanted to experience something new and creative.

Bootyful® is was exactly what I have looking for and I have noticed improvements in my strength and change in my body shape, especially in my waist and bum. This class is good for your legs and bum and it’s great fun!

Sophie, 21

When I heard that we would be working on the pelvic area I was tempted to try it out!

Since then I have been attending the class regularly, I’m having great fun and I love to be surrounded with positive energy.

I have noticed great improvements on my pelvic area, posture, better coordination and feel good factor!

Anne, 60

After reading about the class characteristics I was interested straight away because of the group of muscles targeted and ability to dance and workout in the same time.

It is a lovely class to have fun, dance and workout hard at the same time. I have noticed better control of my hips, increased self-esteem and toned gluteus!

I am very happy with the results and ability to workout exactly how it suits me!

Anabela, 30

Frequently Asked

Who are Bootyful® classes for?

Bootyful® Dance Fitness Classes are for anyone because they can be adapted for your current level of fitness, strength and flexibility.

Where can I find the Bootyful® classes?

If you get in touch with us using the contact page or click this link HERE we will be happy to share where your nearest class is.

Can I become a Bootyful® Dance Fitness Instructor?

The answer is yes if you are already an instructor. You can take the training course and we will educate you in all aspects of the Bootyful® concept.

Are Bootyful® Classes good for core strength?

Yes it is! This dance fitness approach not only strengthens the gluteal region but the abdominal wall in particular, it also improves body control and rhythm, and boosts self-confidence.

I absolutely love the Bootyful® classes and would 100% recommend them!

It’s great as it’s a brilliant lower body work out which really helps to tone your problem areas (bum, tummy and legs).

Not only do I feel more in shape and more confident in myself but it’s definitely had a positive impact on my dancing skills and skills in the bedroom! 

Ana is an excellent teacher and her passion for dance really comes across in the lessons.

Becky, 31

I have started Bootyful® classes on friend’s recommendation and I always leave happy!

Thank you so much! I like the empowering style of exercise – allows you to gain strength and feel feminine.

I became more confident, and noticed glutes and pelvic floor strength and coordination improvements. 

Emily, 43

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