Appeals Policy & Procedure

  1. Purpose

This Appeals Procedure applies to any student who wishes to appeal against their assessment decision.

  • All learners are assessed against our published assessment criteria.
  • All learners who agree to take our assessment will have received full written and verbal assessment instructions, assessment criteria and support towards assessment completion.
  • All learners will be assessed by competent trained assessors.

A learner who wishes to appeal against an assessment decision may do so, following this Assessment Appeals Procedure.

  1. Grounds for Appeal

Candidates may appeal if it is believed that:

  • The assessor was inappropriate in administering the assessment.
  • The learner was not given a fair opportunity to provide evidence to be assessed against the assessment criteria.
  • An unavoidable circumstance arose, which was outside the control of the learner, and resulted in the learner being unable to meet the assessment criteria as stated.
  1. Appeals Procedure

Any learner wishing to appeal against an assessment decision should adhere to this process:

  • Print and complete the Appeal Form below.
  • Include any supporting evidence and assessment paperwork in support of your appeal.
  • Send the Appeal Form and evidence to ‘The Director’ at 59b Coningsby Road, High Wycombe, HP13 5NY.
  • On receiving the completed Appeal Form, we will confirm receipt within 10 days.
  • An external assessor/Quality Assurer will review the Appeal and respond within 14 days.
  • Additional evidence may be requested to enable a full and fair decision to be made by the external assessor/Quality Assurer.
  1. Appeal Outcome

Following a successful outcome of an appeal, the learner may have the opportunity to:

  • Resubmit their assessment submission without charge.
  • Have their assessment mark amended as agreed with the External Assessor/Internal Quality Assurer.