Learner Contact & Support Procedure

  1. Enquiries

Information is available to customers via our website, leaflets, brochures, telephone and email.

Every applicant will be contacted by the course tutor to ensure that:

  • They have an accurate knowledge of what the course will cover and enable them to do.
  • Any individual learning or other support can be provided either prior to the course, during or afterwards towards completing the assessment.
  • Any individual needs can be accommodated (in relation to ESL, accessibility or resource accessibility).
  1. Booking

The following information is forwarded to the student:

  • Course dates, times, venue details and costs.
  • Learner Information Pack (includes: Equal Opportunities Policy, Aims and Purpose of the Course, Teaching and Learning Contract).
  • Assessment Pack (if applicable includes: Assessment Guidelines, Marking Criteria, Appeals Procedure).
  1. Start of the Training Programme

On the first day of the course, the learner will receive:

  • Learner Manual
  • Learner Handouts
  • Learner Worksheets and where relevant, any multi-media resources
  • Assessment Task Pro-forma and Assessment Guidelines
  • Contact details for training support during and post training
  1. During the Training

The tutor will:

  • Conduct a training needs analysis to establish the group and individual skill and knowledge competency.
  • Include individual activities, quizzes and audits to assess learners’ current competency in relation to the Aims and Outcomes and be offered individual support and guidance.
  • Lead small group activities and workshops will provide practice opportunities for all learners and feedback will be given in relation to the assessment criteria.
  • Run whole group plenary sessions; small group tutorials will be used for formative assessment purposes.
  • Enable learners on every training programme to have the opportunity for one-to-one and small group tutorials during the course.
  1. Post-course & Assessment Preparation

The learners will have:

  • Full written and verbal assessment instructions.
  • Online and offline sample assessment projects.
  • Online and offline tutor support towards assessment completion.
  • An opportunity to be re-assessed if necessary.
  • Access to an online resource library.
  • Appeals Procedure.