Quality Assurance Policy & Procedure

As a Training Provider, we recognise the importance of making sure that each learner receives a consistently high quality of training from each and every tutor and at each venue where they are trained and assessed (if applicable).

To ensure a consistently high standard of training and assessment across the range of training offered, we will ensure that we will adhere to the specified criteria in the PD:Approval Code of Conduct and Practice for Endorsed providers and approval criteria.

Our Internal Quality Assurance Procedure will include the following tasks to ensure consistency.

Quality Assurance Plan 

  1. Identify a suitably trained Internal Quality Assurance who is responsible for verifying the quality and standards of our training programmes.
  2. Produce an IV Sampling Plan that ensures:
  • Training and assessments are observed and monitored against the SkillsActive quality standards by an experienced and qualified Trainer/Quality Verifier to ensure that there is a consistent level of quality across all training and assessments.
  • Assessors are sufficiently trained and qualified to make valid and reliable assessment decisions.
  • Adequate support and training for inexperienced trainers/assessors.
  • Experienced tutors/assessors to support less experienced tutors/assessors.
  1. Verify Assessment Decisions & Assessor Performance (if applicable) and provide written feedback to trainers and assessors in relation to:
  • The extent to which the training and assessment meets PD:Approval quality standards in relation to validity, reliability, sufficiency and authenticity.
  • Assessment planning, assessing performance and other evidence, making judgements, giving feedback and recording decisions.
  • Their competence and development needs.
  1. Conduct regular meetings with Training and Assessment team to:
  • Discuss and agree actions towards standardisation and retain minutes of meetings.
  • Review training programme and assessment practice to identify action plans for development.
  • Discuss and agree staff development needs and action plan for implementation.
  1. Ensure that all existing and newly recruited tutors/assessors are technically and occupationally competent.

Tutor and Assessor Evidence

  • Observation of teaching, assessment performance and assessment decisions.
  • Curriculum Vitae retained for all newly appointed trainers.
  • Evidence of relevant and current qualifications or certificates in the area they are delivering.
  • Evidence of current and relevant Teaching and Assessing qualifications (for some categories only).
  • Evidence of appropriate registered membership.